6 Jun 2012


Well, what a weekend – lovely weather! We were lucky enough to do some patriotic stuff the week before when it was hot – lots of cake, lots of Pimms and no rain. I remember the Silver Jubilee well – in fact it marked my first art prize. I won a junior school competition to design a Jubilee plate – I drew one of those geometric flower patterns with a compass and coloured it in red, white & blue (of course). I remember getting very frustrated with the compass and staying behind in class to get it finished – I had a vision of how my plate was going to look and I wasn’t going home till I’d done it! We watched the celebrations in front of the fire, but take a look at Haidee-Jo Summers’ blog – as one of the artists chosen to paint the pageant from the wobbly bridge, she describes how it was on the day…. http://haideejo.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/diamond-jubilee-river-pageant.html       

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