19 Oct 2014

Picture this

Not sure how often I have referred to being busy this year – well, the trend continues and we are both digging deep into a depleted energy bank. Titus looks at us as if to say “what’s your problem?” and will kindly demonstrate how to discharge surplus energy. 

Whilst the concept of “surplus” is an anathema to most of us, his well intended demo does warrant visualisation. Picture one beautifully groomed dog (fresh from the hairdressers and smelling of roses) performing a series of Schnauzer Circles (manic, high energy “zoomies” in a large figure of eight). 

As an audible whirl of “surplus” energy echos through the forest, a dog-like blur slows down and stops at our feet having undergone a miraculous transformation into a balanced and contented beast - covered in mud up to his ears, decorated in bracken and smelling like a peat bog.  So there you go (thank you Titus) .

5 Oct 2014

Maths and more maths

The wrong side of my brain has been in use the past couple of weeks and the creative side is bursting from under use. Having just completed a funding bid and my tax returns I'm no longer in the mood for any more maths......however, an exception may be made for measuring out my new kitchen and calculating Titus's new food quantities now he has reached the 40kg mark!