19 Nov 2012

How to get that Blog read

Been away partying this weekend and recovering from a very cold and quiet day as Presiding Officer at the recent elections. I’ve been scanning the internet for advice on how to market your creative business online. Yet another steep learning curve for me, I thought I knew very little about marketing before I entered the magic words into the search engine – and now I am certain that I know nothing at all! But now I’ve got the bug and determined to make those hours of research worthwhile. I have been productive on the artistic front as well  – but these pet portraits are commissions for surprise Christmas presents so I’ll share them with you in the new year just in case my improved online marketing skills send the images into the wrong inboxes and spoil the surprises! Instead, here are a few images from my diary entered after similar memorable weekends of partying and feasting!


11 Nov 2012


Pru has been on overdrive this week and after spending hours on the accounts pulled tight a few purse strings and reviewed Flo’s pricing policies. The wings of the Amazon Fairy have been clipped, Dolly has had a budget cut and Gerty’s been told to get her act together and finish the Garden Design webpage – but all is well, Henry and Flo make a good team!  It took me a while to set up the look of the new blog page this week – a blonde moment made initial progress very slow, but with the help of Kip & Fig I worked it all out. I’m offering gift vouchers for a commissioned artwork at 2012 prices until February 2013 (see tab at the top of the page).

4 Nov 2012

Illusive Birdies

The garden is full of fieldfares – a chattering mob devouring all the berries. Since they were so handsome, albeit thuggish, I dashed out with my camera and new zoom lens. I am very impressed with my new piece of equipment, but the birdies were not so impressed with my enthusiasm and red skirt! Whilst I am now able to capture a good photo from a little further away, finding said birdie through my lens proved a little difficult, and as a consequence I have some lovely autumnal shots of branches (on which once sat a handsome bird). Yesterday, I completed my first commissioned Christmas card of the season, and will have to give some thought about what to put on ours this year without the usual outline of Ned. I plan to do some generic Christmas cards for resale, but that requires me to get into a festive mood 4 to 5 months early, which just didn’t happen this year. To avoid this happening next year, Pru has now mapped out a daily and monthly schedule to get Flo more organised!

Where's the birdie gone?


1 Nov 2012

Hello !

I have transferred my old blog posts from my website to Blogger - I hope all the links work properly and nothing is too squiffy ! The "you may also like" should link to 3 similar blog posts - but haven't fathomed out that gadget yet. Once I get the hang of Blogger it will be integrated with my website and away we go.
Please keep me company and use the features on the right hand side to follow and subscribe.....

Thank you - and now back to some painting!