30 Sep 2013

The taste of the sea

Some more photos for you this week – on the art front productivity nil! But Titus has had fun. This weekend marked introduction to the big wide world beyond the garden fence, after the final set of (expensive) jabs. Sunday was beautifully sunny, the autumn hips were glowing red/orange and Henry had a doze on the rocks. Titus tasted sand, sea water and seaweed, saw lots of other dogs and pondered over how birds fly. I was a little spacey (having spent the previous day in bed with a migraine) and sat looking at the beautiful scenery wishing I had brought my pochade box………


22 Sep 2013

Commotion and potions

My painting has suffered again this week, so since I have nothing to show you, I thought we’d have a look at this week’s adventures. There is quite a lot of commotion at chez Simpson at the moment. Titus is full of beans, into everything and having fun, but everyone else is run ragged! Our ginger tom is suffering from anxiety and is on chill-out pills from the vet, and we’ve bought him a (expensive) feline pheromone difuser to help him sleep and dream about the function of a cat litter tray. Our other cat, is far more laid back about the arrival of a puppy dog and walks in front of Titus when he’s walking on the lead.
"Don't worry Pumpkin, he won't get much bigger !"
The growing Titus was hanging out of his bed (the cat’s bed) so that has gone back to it’s rightful owners and a new bed has been lovingly made by me.

"Just look at all those big feet"
We had news from our digger driver that he was to remove a beached whale, so we sped off one morning to see it, not having seen a whale before (alive or dead). Not a pretty sight – and nor was the lovely new bed after Titus regurgitated his breakfast on route.

The body of a (manky) female Minke whale, brought in by the recent storms
Summer has definitely gone and everyone is beginning to batten down the hatches, but we have still had some sunny days. I have dug out my woolly hat and added it to my plein air painting kit.

This is me (with hat) off out to paint - and this is the view from the croft house
Henry & Mr Toady (the green and lumpy Defender) have been very busy bombing around this week and helped our neighbours bring back their wee boat from the harbour to overwinter in the dry.

Boat, Brian & Mr Toady plus stressed cat

15 Sep 2013

Sketchbook Project, Subject: Titus

My painting hours are suffering due to the little puppy – so far since his arrival a week ago I’ve managed two ink drawings and a sketch! The little boy had a strange introduction to life with us – 4 days on the road and a different house every night – but he’s now adapted to his permanent surroundings and has even adopted his crate as his own nest without too much hassle. This means I can now go out with my pochade box again, knowing he’ll be content for an hour or so and not eating his way through the soft furnishings! Since the little beast is growing so fast, I thought it would be good to capture his progress in my sketchbook, so I’ve signed up to the Sketchbook Project and opted for the Australian Tour. Subject matter: Titus.

8 Sep 2013

Consider this a relaunch

It’s coming up for 2 years since I created my website and opened an online shop and it has been a massive learning curve. Productivity has moved in dips and peaks as I work out what it’s all about, and fit in a major relocation and preparation for the house build! At last I feel I have a sense of direction, a map to follow and the sense of a developing style. So I thought it was about time for a relaunch. Over the last few weeks many hours have been spent restocking the shelves and redressing the shop window (you may have noticed?). My website has some new images and new words and my Esty shop is filling up with small artworks, such as original ink drawings, ACEO and small prints. I have another series to introduce, some larger pastel drawings, which will begin to refill my website Gallery page.

In fact – it’s not just the website that is relaunched, it seems life has been so as well! Titus, our new puppy, has arrived and we have started to excavate the foundations for our new house (at last)! More canine related cartoons, images of a real studio under construction and many more paintings to come.

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1 Sep 2013

Calling cards

Way back in March I wrote a blog about ACEO and suggested that I’d “soon” be sending out a weekly mailshot in addition to my monthly postcards. Soon has now arrived and my third consecutive mailshot goes out this week featuring original ink drawings as they enter my shop. I’ve named these my Calling Cards – just a little friendly note to let you know what’s new. I produced 15 new drawings in August and the latest sheep phase is now morphing into one that goes “mooo” for September! Calling cards will give you early notification of new listings and a coupon code for free postage. You can join my mailing list here to receive my Postcards or Calling Cards, or both - you choose.  

this made me laugh: http://www.thecompletevictorian.com/
Very Downton Abbey I thought!