1 Sep 2013

Calling cards

Way back in March I wrote a blog about ACEO and suggested that I’d “soon” be sending out a weekly mailshot in addition to my monthly postcards. Soon has now arrived and my third consecutive mailshot goes out this week featuring original ink drawings as they enter my shop. I’ve named these my Calling Cards – just a little friendly note to let you know what’s new. I produced 15 new drawings in August and the latest sheep phase is now morphing into one that goes “mooo” for September! Calling cards will give you early notification of new listings and a coupon code for free postage. You can join my mailing list here to receive my Postcards or Calling Cards, or both - you choose.  

this made me laugh: http://www.thecompletevictorian.com/
Very Downton Abbey I thought!

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PatsyColchester said...

What a lovely idea.. much better than the calling cards you are expecting soon. ;)