15 Sep 2013

Sketchbook Project, Subject: Titus

My painting hours are suffering due to the little puppy – so far since his arrival a week ago I’ve managed two ink drawings and a sketch! The little boy had a strange introduction to life with us – 4 days on the road and a different house every night – but he’s now adapted to his permanent surroundings and has even adopted his crate as his own nest without too much hassle. This means I can now go out with my pochade box again, knowing he’ll be content for an hour or so and not eating his way through the soft furnishings! Since the little beast is growing so fast, I thought it would be good to capture his progress in my sketchbook, so I’ve signed up to the Sketchbook Project and opted for the Australian Tour. Subject matter: Titus.


Keith Tilley said...

Great idea. I wish I was good enough at animal drawings to sketch the adventures of our Cocker Spaniel.

Nic McLean said...

You should read the post my friend Sandra at Sandraws posted yesterday - she got a puppy several months ago and is still being run ragged!! I remember it well - we had double trouble! You've got me intrigued about the sketchbook project - the format must have changed if they are doing tours in Australia now too. I might pop over and have a look although I think I've too many other ideas running round my head to commit at the moment!! I love the sketch - he's a sweetheart!