22 Sep 2013

Commotion and potions

My painting has suffered again this week, so since I have nothing to show you, I thought we’d have a look at this week’s adventures. There is quite a lot of commotion at chez Simpson at the moment. Titus is full of beans, into everything and having fun, but everyone else is run ragged! Our ginger tom is suffering from anxiety and is on chill-out pills from the vet, and we’ve bought him a (expensive) feline pheromone difuser to help him sleep and dream about the function of a cat litter tray. Our other cat, is far more laid back about the arrival of a puppy dog and walks in front of Titus when he’s walking on the lead.
"Don't worry Pumpkin, he won't get much bigger !"
The growing Titus was hanging out of his bed (the cat’s bed) so that has gone back to it’s rightful owners and a new bed has been lovingly made by me.

"Just look at all those big feet"
We had news from our digger driver that he was to remove a beached whale, so we sped off one morning to see it, not having seen a whale before (alive or dead). Not a pretty sight – and nor was the lovely new bed after Titus regurgitated his breakfast on route.

The body of a (manky) female Minke whale, brought in by the recent storms
Summer has definitely gone and everyone is beginning to batten down the hatches, but we have still had some sunny days. I have dug out my woolly hat and added it to my plein air painting kit.

This is me (with hat) off out to paint - and this is the view from the croft house
Henry & Mr Toady (the green and lumpy Defender) have been very busy bombing around this week and helped our neighbours bring back their wee boat from the harbour to overwinter in the dry.

Boat, Brian & Mr Toady plus stressed cat

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Nic McLean said...

Funny Steve was just saying how we've not seen you for ages! Seens like you've had plenty to keep you going out your way. Poor Pumpkin, getting stressed by Titus-we have the opposite problem here, I don't think poor Purdry will ever make it in from the garage! Maybe you'll pop in for tea at some point in October?