27 Mar 2016

Happy Easter

A me & T selfie attempt !

My weekly blog has become a monthly blog - trouble is a month seems to go by as quickly as a week! Sketching on the beach has been cancelled due to a lack of sunshine and so I am indoors busy putting together a program of forthcoming weekends at my easel -  time to get organised!
There are some bluebells on the horizon - a pencil drawing similar to my snowdrops for my Mum. And a first for me, is a duplicate of a picture I've painted before. Funnily enough, as I got out my reference material, I remembered that the original is called Easter Sunday. How appropriate. Not so funny, was finding a picture of poor old Pumpkin looking at the original by the red door. No frolicking lambs around outside yet this Easter, but inside there is frolicking of the canine kind ....

Note Bignose to the left and the result of my blog composition to the right!

The original "Easter Sunday" (sold) being examined by Pumpkin

This is Geordie, painted around the same time & he's still for sale