23 Feb 2014

Red Lorry, Yellow House

All is a little crazy of late....
On Monday I learnt that the lack of sugar in my coffee may have saved my laptop from certain death.
On Tuesday one of my contact lenses did a backflip in the night, stuck to the roof of it’s case and broke into three spikey pieces when told to get back in its dish.
On Wednesday a sheep came to tea, followed closely by a TV camera.
On Thursday I went to Inverness and stayed the night with someone I had only met on Facebook (all above board!) 
On Friday it appeared that ,whilst I was away, a big red lorry delivered a yellow house.
Yesterday I sat on the floor of my new studio and imagined what it would be like with a roof and walls........

......today the phantom contact-lens-flipper is inside Henry's computer playing with my photos - most will only upload upside down.
Tomorrow I hope that my laptop comes home, the phantom-flipper moves out and the roof lifts safely into place.

10 Feb 2014

The Order of Things

A great deal of excitement this week - our house is arriving by the artic load! The winds have dropped and the sun is shining (for now) but they have started with the roof. I may be a bear of little brain, but does that not seem a bit odd ? When I heard about the strange plan I had a flashback to childhood. Noddy bought a kit house, took it out of the box and decided to start with the roof, but Big Ears told Noddy not to be so silly. I rest my case. Another short blog whilst my treasured laptop remains in a deep coma - Big Nose's attempt to remove the competition for my attention may have been successful.


"I think we should put the roof on first Henry"

2 Feb 2014

In the dog house

A very short blog post today on account of a very sick laptop. Yesterday Titus demonstrated the ease at which he can rest his big nose on the table - with a little too much gusto, two seconds after I had placed a cup of hot coffee on the table. You can imagine the rest.......
.laptop now in an induced coma for a few days.