10 Feb 2014

The Order of Things

A great deal of excitement this week - our house is arriving by the artic load! The winds have dropped and the sun is shining (for now) but they have started with the roof. I may be a bear of little brain, but does that not seem a bit odd ? When I heard about the strange plan I had a flashback to childhood. Noddy bought a kit house, took it out of the box and decided to start with the roof, but Big Ears told Noddy not to be so silly. I rest my case. Another short blog whilst my treasured laptop remains in a deep coma - Big Nose's attempt to remove the competition for my attention may have been successful.


"I think we should put the roof on first Henry"


Bearded one said...

Lovely decking!!

Nic McLean said...

I don't remember that episode of Noddy and Big Ears - what happened when the did the roof first? Why are they doing the roof first - don't you work from the ground up? Still, what do I know about house building!

Your view is going to be incredible - I hope you've got lots of massive picture windows to make the most of it!

P.S I'm NOT a robot - please get rid of that horrible impossible to read word verification thingie!