24 Jul 2016

Island hopping

Well, not much painting achieved this month, but I have been on a little work-related adventure to Orkney. Not much time to take in the arty scene, so a return trip required soon!

"Goodbye Scrabster"

"Hello Stromness"

The Pier Art Centre on the left there asking for a visit next time!

To the left, a man with a harp at The Ring of Brogdar who seemed to be recording the sound of the wind as it played a beautiful tune all on it's own. Quite lovely to listen too, well it will be when he's edited out my sneezing !! To the right, some lovely Orkney clouds.............

St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall.Too late to see the wonderful Poppies, but rewarded with a natural light show inside

"Arrivals" at Kirkwall Airport - somewhat different to our Gatwick experience last month but huge compared to the garage-sized "arrivals/departures/store/air traffic control and rest room" we flew to next 

The large pictures behind the whiskey are made entirely of floor tiles - incredible work by Orkney artist, Sheila Scott

Off to Papa Westray via Westray - the pilot is asking if anyone is claustrophobic!

A certificate for our 2 minute flight between the Isles.....................

25 Jun 2016

A portrait in Ink

Here’s a recently completed commission – a portrait of Ellie in ink.

Struggling to write a coherent post. Since closing the polling station on Thursday night, we have been transfixed by the TV broadcasting an incoherent sequence of events and images and points of view. When Titus eventually asked for bed at 3.30 am Friday morning, the sun and the moon were out together and all has been somewhat surreal for us all ever since. 

24 Apr 2016

The Bluebell

A fine and subtle spirit dwells
In every little flower,
Each one its own sweet feeling breathes
With more or less of power.
There is a silent eloquence
In every wild bluebell
That fills my softened heart with bliss
That words could never tell.

Above - the beginning of a poem by Anne Bronte, and below the long awaited Bluebells for my Mother...

27 Mar 2016

Happy Easter

A me & T selfie attempt !

My weekly blog has become a monthly blog - trouble is a month seems to go by as quickly as a week! Sketching on the beach has been cancelled due to a lack of sunshine and so I am indoors busy putting together a program of forthcoming weekends at my easel -  time to get organised!
There are some bluebells on the horizon - a pencil drawing similar to my snowdrops for my Mum. And a first for me, is a duplicate of a picture I've painted before. Funnily enough, as I got out my reference material, I remembered that the original is called Easter Sunday. How appropriate. Not so funny, was finding a picture of poor old Pumpkin looking at the original by the red door. No frolicking lambs around outside yet this Easter, but inside there is frolicking of the canine kind ....

Note Bignose to the left and the result of my blog composition to the right!

The original "Easter Sunday" (sold) being examined by Pumpkin

This is Geordie, painted around the same time & he's still for sale

2 Feb 2016


Not much of a breeze just lately – more of a wild hooley! This probably describes the beautiful canine Breeze just as well on occasions. Here she is looking more serene.

The beginning and my little helper saying "don't forget my walkies"

Building up the layers of Indian ink with an increasing amount of detail

17 Jan 2016

A new year, a new start

Happy New Year ! I know, a bit late – but it is the thought that counts. New Year’s resolution for 2016 -  make more time for painting and a bit more blogging……..so here’s something to be getting on with and tomorrow the painting begins as I enjoy a 3 week break between jobs.

Titus: "Can we do this every morning before breakfast now?"

Blue skies and new horizons

Henry plans to take control of the camera more often in 2016

Belated Christmas wishes from 2015!