25 Mar 2012

Seasonal congestion

Today I woke with a bad head and very sore limbs. Three days into the annual weeding marathon and I’m a physical wreck. (The sore head may have been a bit of sunstroke or even the result of too much brandy butter and red wine with last night’s Christmas pudding). However, I have only just completed the first lap of the marathon and there’s more back-breaking work to be done before summer is over before it officially begins. The weather is a season ahead of itself and we are several culinary seasons behind. I’ve yet to make pancakes, so I had better do that before thinking about hot-cross buns! In light of  seasonal congestion in the Simpson household, I thought I’d share a few festive culinary images from my diary. Now for another analgesic to ease the aftermath of Christmas spirit and propel me forward into the summer sun.


20 Mar 2012


Last week I switched from fur to feathers. “Barmy Bob” is a Bittern from the Ministry of Silly Walks and was caught on camera by Henry with his big lens. I am very pleased to report that the painting is now sold, and Barmy Bob may reappear in my gallery as a greetings card in the near future.     

4 Mar 2012

Pencil People

Following on from last week’s pencil drawing I thought I’d show you a couple more. I've always liked to work in graphite as much as I do pastels –  I also prefer black and white photographs, especially of people. Does that make me a tonalist? But I love colour, and would rarely dress myself in black and white. A recent impulsive purchase of an over-priced lichen green camera bag demonstrates that I am attracted to colour – or is it the light that grabs me? Anyway, what I was getting round to is that I find human portraits using colour a great challenge, give me a pencil and the end result is more satisfying. I have a lovely little book my husband bought me, “The Craft of the Lead Pencil” by Mervyn Peake. When I get frustrated with my efforts I have a read of that and resharpen my pencils.