25 Mar 2012

Seasonal congestion

Today I woke with a bad head and very sore limbs. Three days into the annual weeding marathon and I’m a physical wreck. (The sore head may have been a bit of sunstroke or even the result of too much brandy butter and red wine with last night’s Christmas pudding). However, I have only just completed the first lap of the marathon and there’s more back-breaking work to be done before summer is over before it officially begins. The weather is a season ahead of itself and we are several culinary seasons behind. I’ve yet to make pancakes, so I had better do that before thinking about hot-cross buns! In light of  seasonal congestion in the Simpson household, I thought I’d share a few festive culinary images from my diary. Now for another analgesic to ease the aftermath of Christmas spirit and propel me forward into the summer sun.


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