4 Mar 2012

Pencil People

Following on from last week’s pencil drawing I thought I’d show you a couple more. I've always liked to work in graphite as much as I do pastels –  I also prefer black and white photographs, especially of people. Does that make me a tonalist? But I love colour, and would rarely dress myself in black and white. A recent impulsive purchase of an over-priced lichen green camera bag demonstrates that I am attracted to colour – or is it the light that grabs me? Anyway, what I was getting round to is that I find human portraits using colour a great challenge, give me a pencil and the end result is more satisfying. I have a lovely little book my husband bought me, “The Craft of the Lead Pencil” by Mervyn Peake. When I get frustrated with my efforts I have a read of that and resharpen my pencils.


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