23 Feb 2014

Red Lorry, Yellow House

All is a little crazy of late....
On Monday I learnt that the lack of sugar in my coffee may have saved my laptop from certain death.
On Tuesday one of my contact lenses did a backflip in the night, stuck to the roof of it’s case and broke into three spikey pieces when told to get back in its dish.
On Wednesday a sheep came to tea, followed closely by a TV camera.
On Thursday I went to Inverness and stayed the night with someone I had only met on Facebook (all above board!) 
On Friday it appeared that ,whilst I was away, a big red lorry delivered a yellow house.
Yesterday I sat on the floor of my new studio and imagined what it would be like with a roof and walls........

......today the phantom contact-lens-flipper is inside Henry's computer playing with my photos - most will only upload upside down.
Tomorrow I hope that my laptop comes home, the phantom-flipper moves out and the roof lifts safely into place.


PatsyColchester said...

Wow.. never one to shy away from a challenge.. lucky you still have your sense of humour. ;)

Nancy Lee said...

I can't wait to see your cool, new studio...With a gorgeous view I'm thinking...Lucky girl!! And are you surrounded by sheep then? How about the little black faced ones?