2 Mar 2014

The sheep that came to tea

Perhaps last week’s blog was a bit too cryptic in places. The sheep who came to tea? Princess Neptune of course. I was at home, working away and trying to keep warm (with fingerless gloves, and a padded boiler suit hiding a lower layer of thermals and warm scruffs) when I was called to a film shoot on a nearby croft. I quickly removed my outer padding and threw on a respectable jacket and scarf to hide my under-layer of scruffs. I quickly did the best I could to correct a bad hair day and slapped on a bit of blusher and lip salve before heading off into the unknown.
I arrived to find Alan Jenkins from STV, a very large camera and a warm welcome. We had a civilised lunch of hot soup and buns then headed outside to do our bit for the camera. The jacket I had grabbed was a sheepskin, fake, but wholly inappropriate I realised – so I decided to expose my scruffs and froze instead. The wind finished off the salvaged hair do. Princess Neptune was very suspicious, but performed for camera by going up & down the stairs before being hand fed biscuits from the table. She went into the car, out of the car and ate about 3 bowls of proper sheep food before she would do her finale. Ellen (Princess Neptune’s devoted owner) and I were amused when Alan disappeared for a few minutes and came back nicely groomed in a smart jacket ready for his piece to the camera, indoors in the warm and out of the wind! When the excitement was over, we had a wee dram and laughed about our more than unusual day.

Here’s a link to the STV news item  (put up with the adverts then skip to 19.00) and below is my unedited version of the finale (you had to be there!).......… 

The roof did lift safely into place and the phantom photo flipper has gone.

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PatsyColchester said...

I have always felt impromptu occasions are the most enjoyable Angela .. your hair looked fine and I didnt notice the reference to fur.. I thought you said furry which sounds fine to me. Well done. x