16 Mar 2014

A new commute

The last couple of weeks have been a bit crazy – madness prevails chez Simpson! Poor Titus has had a little op, which has meant that long romps on the beach have been replaced by short walks on the lead and bags of pent up energy. Henry on the other hand, has used up all of his energy on the roof whilst the sun shines and I have used up all of mine dealing with the energy levels of the men in my life! Tomorrow is the start of a new routine and big shock to the system – I have secured a part time job. The commute to my old job back in 2011 meant leaving home at 7am, driving for 60 minutes, sitting in traffic for 20 minutes, getting on a bus for 20 minutes, walking 10 minutes to spend an hour or so in a sick building before reversing the journey back to my car to make another 40 minute journey to another office, some 2 hours from home. Below are a few photos to give you an idea of tomorrow’s commute, which will start at 10am and ends at 10.15am.

The roof is on - soon to be the start of my commute, currently Henry's workplace
Traffic on the road to work

The office is just round the next bend
Somewhere to have lunch with my car-share buddy, Titus


PatsyColchester said...

So pleased Titus has 'recovered' and able to keep you company on the 'commute'. It sounds well worth all the hard work. x

Bearded one said...

Wage slave again!

Best wishes to the two beasts.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic road traffic - glad you've escaped the daily work grind :) ( hels b) xx