8 Sep 2013

Consider this a relaunch

It’s coming up for 2 years since I created my website and opened an online shop and it has been a massive learning curve. Productivity has moved in dips and peaks as I work out what it’s all about, and fit in a major relocation and preparation for the house build! At last I feel I have a sense of direction, a map to follow and the sense of a developing style. So I thought it was about time for a relaunch. Over the last few weeks many hours have been spent restocking the shelves and redressing the shop window (you may have noticed?). My website has some new images and new words and my Esty shop is filling up with small artworks, such as original ink drawings, ACEO and small prints. I have another series to introduce, some larger pastel drawings, which will begin to refill my website Gallery page.

In fact – it’s not just the website that is relaunched, it seems life has been so as well! Titus, our new puppy, has arrived and we have started to excavate the foundations for our new house (at last)! More canine related cartoons, images of a real studio under construction and many more paintings to come.

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Keith Tilley said...

Hi Angela, I came across your blog from a piece on one of Katherine Tyrrell's blogs. I was interested to see an artist working on the North Coast, and I hope everything continues to go well for you in your new adventure.

Anonymous said...

What a little cutie, it seems impossible that he will grow into such a giant. Great to see you the other day, have fun, I&D xxx

Nic McLean said...

He is so adorable!! Welcome to chaos and poo for the next however many years!!