4 Nov 2012

Illusive Birdies

The garden is full of fieldfares – a chattering mob devouring all the berries. Since they were so handsome, albeit thuggish, I dashed out with my camera and new zoom lens. I am very impressed with my new piece of equipment, but the birdies were not so impressed with my enthusiasm and red skirt! Whilst I am now able to capture a good photo from a little further away, finding said birdie through my lens proved a little difficult, and as a consequence I have some lovely autumnal shots of branches (on which once sat a handsome bird). Yesterday, I completed my first commissioned Christmas card of the season, and will have to give some thought about what to put on ours this year without the usual outline of Ned. I plan to do some generic Christmas cards for resale, but that requires me to get into a festive mood 4 to 5 months early, which just didn’t happen this year. To avoid this happening next year, Pru has now mapped out a daily and monthly schedule to get Flo more organised!

Where's the birdie gone?


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PatsyColchester said...

I love the very subtle timetable x