11 Nov 2012


Pru has been on overdrive this week and after spending hours on the accounts pulled tight a few purse strings and reviewed Flo’s pricing policies. The wings of the Amazon Fairy have been clipped, Dolly has had a budget cut and Gerty’s been told to get her act together and finish the Garden Design webpage – but all is well, Henry and Flo make a good team!  It took me a while to set up the look of the new blog page this week – a blonde moment made initial progress very slow, but with the help of Kip & Fig I worked it all out. I’m offering gift vouchers for a commissioned artwork at 2012 prices until February 2013 (see tab at the top of the page).

1 comment:

PatsyColchester said...

Men dont have blonde moments, do they? I think Pru is amazingly talented and 'prudent'.