24 Jun 2012

Empty Spaces

I haven’t been able to draw in my diary this week – nearly every previous entry includes a caricature of Ned. He’s even on my welcome page of Facebook . When I was a child I was always drawing Snoopy (and bees) – if I’d been a generation (or two) later it might have been Gromit. I was going to make a buff fleece for Ned – he was a bit like Gromit – more human than canine. Today I’ve been baking cakes and  potting up my cucumbers. I missed my little friend hovering-up spilt flour and compost and generally getting under my feet – but then, I expect everywhere will feel empty without him for some time to come. Someone recently commented that in my diary I have perfected the image of Ned, got better at my husband, but am less consistent at representing myself ! Here are a few of my favourites ……


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