20 Jun 2012


Sofa time turned into a big “love-in” with our dear Ned. Such a happy dog, with an exuberant enthusiasm for life, and not a moment feeling sorry for himself. This post has got to be the hardest I’ve written so far, and one that I knew I’d need to write sooner or later. Ned has always been by our side – partly because he loved our company and partly because he didn’t want to miss out on any food opportunities. Often mistaken for a poodle, he was a handsome Irish Water Spaniel always seen sporting a homemade jacket, due to his unusual lack of hair and tendency to over-scratch. It’s not until we looked back at photos that I realised how much he’d begun to age (he’s not alone which was also shocking!), but it is my sketchbooks that did it for me – each one I open has an image of Ned snoozing. I realise that there is character and feeling captured in a drawing that is simply not equalled by any photo .  I'll miss him so much x (you can click on smaller images to make them larger)


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