16 Jun 2012

Under the weather

Batten down the hatches and light the fire – it is flaming June after all! To be honest, the return of rain has given my back a rest – the weeds have nearly beaten me (yes I am still at it). A visit to the osteopath required next week, but let’s hope she doesn’t read my blog (I’ll be in trouble for over doing it). With the rain slashing on the windows and the wind howling in the pine tree, I have retreated indoors and resorted to household chores - the dreaded ironing pile and the accounts. Groan! Hay fever season is here again and my sneezes are arriving in multiples of six – the rain should have settled the pollen , so maybe I’m allergic to housework. We’ve been working hard while the sun shone – so maybe it should be sofa time for us this weekend!


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