1 Jul 2012

Little Beasties

Three little doggies have posed for their portrait this week. It often amazes me that even when I take loads of pictures, there are only ever one or two which will really make a good portrait. Energetic dogs are quite hard to capture in an alert pose – most shots look a bit manic or blurred as they rush out of the frame in search of something more stimulating. Their owner has to bribe them with treats or, in the case of these little beasties, scoop them up. There’s a horse called Humphrey to visit next week, so he might be a little easier to photograph, and a new challenge to paint. Theses three on my easel are very cheeky, and when framed will be hung together in a line – so I need to make sure they are all the same size and work well together. I’ve prepared the sketches (below) which will transfer them to the pastel supports tomorrow.    


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