15 Jul 2012

Busy Bee

The three little beasties are nearly done and I have the longest list of commissions that I’ve ever had – so over the next few weeks I shall be a very busy bee. I celebrated my first sale on Etsy this weekend and having made it onto the front page treasury with Dennis my viewings have soared. Most of my commissions to date have been through word of mouth, but I have decided to place an advert in a magazine which covers North Wales, Cheshire & Shropshire. They wanted a photo of me painting – I look a bit mad in most of the photos I already have, so my husband took a few new ones whilst I was painting one of the “little beasties”. When I left the greenhouse (my studio) to fetch said photographer and camera, a bird (no doubt the blackbird who has been pinching our raspberries) sat on the top of my easel and emptied his bowels! Luckily, I had put a sheet of paper over the almost-finished portrait in case it started to rain. Little did I know it was going to rain raspberry-laden bird poo! Needless to say, the portrait would have been ruined without the protective sheet and I would have lost any hope of smiling on camera for a few days!


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