8 Jul 2012

War of the weeds

The battle has been a long one, but the end is nigh! “It would be better for your back if you used a hoe” my osteopath said – “you haven’t seen my weeds” I replied! There were miles of goosegrass threads and barrow loads of creeping buttercup to name the most determined warriors. But I am delighted to report that I am about to exchange my heavy duty weapons for just such a lightweight implement. If the weather hadn’t been so dreadful this summer, I might have reached for the hoe a little sooner, but weeds love a drop of rain! So with the battle won, I can do a bit more painting. This week I’ve been working on commissions, the three beasties. En route to my studio (the greenhouse) I saw a rare ray of sunshine light up the water lilies on the pond – so, having been presented with some waders, I went in to capture the moment before the sun went in again. I drew a picture from the pond-side too, and you could subscribe to my picture postcards to see that one…       

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