25 May 2014

Highland Wool Festival 2014

Another crazy week in the Simpson household. On Thursday we managed the local polling station, which, although very official, was also a social occasion and somewhat different to the city polling district we have been used to. Titus, however, was unimpressed. This Saturday was the first ever Highland Wool Festival which turned out to be a great success and is set to be repeated next year. Most of the stalls were in a livestock market – a most appropriate setting both visually and aromatically! It was quite a challenge to make a sheep pen look inviting, but everyone made them look lovely with drapes of beautiful naturally dyed yarn, spinning wheels, and all things woolly. The overwhelming smell of sheep became softened with a more fleecey fragrance and the perfume of lots of wool enthusiasts. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, surrounded by lots of people with a passion for sheep! Sales were good, but my hardest lesson was the loss of the biggest sale due to my lack of card machine. Later in the day Henry and Titus arrived to keep me company and staff the stall so that I could have a look round the show. I returned to a throng of people gathered around my stall and concluded that Henry must be charming the ladies. Some were browsing, others approached me saying “My partner has told me to come and see your..…( ….artwork ?) ……beautiful dog!” I have already planned my stall for next year including a card machine and a corner for Titus, who has requested something soft to lie on - not just any old mat, but something to compliment his colouring and suitable for receiving his admiring public!

Henry had a little helper with the framing

Artist in a sheep pen

View from  my sheep pen - can you smell sheep?

"OH! Isn't he lovely"


PatsyColchester said...

I havent experienced the smell of sheep but guessing it is not too bad.. not like pigs or cows! Sounds wonderful experience. x

Nic McLean said...

Congratulations on all your sales - I hope the person who wanted to pay by credit card will buy the piece from your website at least?

It looks like a great set up - I love how it's all in sheep pens.

I'm sure Titus was a great hit - he looks adorable in his coat!