11 May 2014

Working with a tetrad

I shifted straight into sheep mode this weekend after another busy, but art-less week. I am very pleased with the square frames I pre-ordered online, as recommended by my friend Louise Worthy and I have at last found the thin black wooden moulding I had been searching for. Yesterday I sat down to ponder what shape sheep to put in them! So many photos, so many live subjects just outside the door -  but what to paint? I decided to work on a set of four lambs. This little sweety sat on the doorstep of our neighbour's bothy, soaking up the sun and asking for a portrait – so I obliged.

It’s a bit of a challenge and somewhat back-to-front to compose your art to suit your frame, but it limited my choices and helped make some decisions. My source photo was very colourful, so to ensure I achieved a balanced design I selected my pastels from a tetrad of red, violet, yellow and green and then closed the lid of my pastel box so that I was not tempted to reach for any more. At the very end I lifted the lid and added some off-white to the very lightest lamby bits and a very dark violet-brown for the darkest shadowy bits – this seemed to lift the composition as well as make a connection with the frame and cream mount. Henry named this painting “Easter Sunday” and now I shall make a start on “Good Friday” (back-to-front and a bit behind as usual).

A tetrad of tasty pastels
(Titus thought so when he knocked them on the floor)
"Easter Sunday" 20 x 20cm
Framed picture against newly painted door, obscured by Pumpkin


PatsyColchester said...

Adorable Angela... perfectly captured and fascinating 'explanation' as always. x

Nic McLean said...

This is gorgeous. How lovely to have the wee lambie against a background of something other than just grass to add interest. Looks great framed too.