1 Jun 2014

Sketching Workshop

And yet another mad busy week, culminating in the second of my local workshops. A good day was had by all – sketching outside in the sunshine, watching the light change on Castle Varrich. We looked at the value of sketching and finding the right “kit” to help us fit more sketching into our busy lives. My latest appendage is an overgrown bumbag (in a lovely lime green!) which holds everything I need for a long walk with Titus, including a sketchbook. Finding the right tools and having them to hand is the key to doing more sketching – but finding what is right for you can take a little while. As an illustration, I chose to draw the same view several times using different dry materials and paper sizes. Sketching is a very personal thing, an emotional response captured on paper in just a few minutes – sometimes a photograph is simply not enough.

The happy sketchers finding their own style

from the top:
4B, 8B, charcoal, conte in small moleskine sketchbook
 pen with conte on larger mid tone paper
sepia pen with cream conte on mid tone paper

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PatsyColchester said...

That's what we called a satchel in the 1940's Angela [tongue in cheek] ;)
I really envy you the talent to express your emotion in this way. I know the feeling and try it with camera but... no comparison. x