29 Jun 2014


After a period of inconsolable sickness, my laptop is well again. It was this time last year that I started my “diary without words”, a record of my (almost) daily pochades. The arrival of Titus brought an abrupt halt to progress, but the sale of 3 this week has reignited an urge to start again. The commission I was working on has been completed, posted and appreciated but, before I could get going on the next one, or dig out my pochade box, I had to suppress the urge to paint in order to focus on a build-up of paperwork and a heap of forward planning. That done, I am now so organised and planned-out that I have reached a state of complete inertia today, so Titus is in luck until the urge returns.

Number 47
after puppy training & before everything stopped in October
Number 42
just before puppy collection in September
Number 35
one of my favourites - "hello sunshine"
Number 38
a blissful afternoon at Lamigo Bay in August
Number 14
camping trip to Skye in July
Number 10
trying out my new brushes in July

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PatsyColchester said...

Excellent.. so pleased it is all going well. Those 'admin' years have come in very handy for your present life style me thinks ;)