6 Jul 2014

58 Degrees North

The weird and wonderful clouds are as much a feature as the stunning landscape here, at 58 degrees north. You can experience all four seasons in one day, the light is constantly changing and with it the colour of the landscape and the sky. At 4pm one afternoon this week I had to inform Titus that the afternoon walk was going to be called off as we watched the heavy black clouds and listened to the rain lashing against the windows. At 4.15pm Titus reversed the decision and informed me that it was definitely still on whatever the weather. I got dressed up in waterproofs and headed for the beach. He was right, by the time we reached the shore it was a glorious summer’s evening of blue sky and white fluffy clouds and I was ridiculously overdressed!

summer's evening on the beach
weird and wonderful clouds
ever changing light
ever changing skies
the need for walkies never changes!