22 Jul 2014

Red dot duty

I have been rushing around with pictures for various shows  - it’s holiday season and everything happens at the same time. Thankfully, now that I have a network of like-minded friends in the area it’s possible to share the job of handing in work and collections which saves a great deal of travelling around, but requires considerable forward planning. Louise Worthy kindly made the deliveries for 3 of us. Last night was the preview night of both The Society of Caithness Artists in Thurso and the East Sutherland Art Society in Golspie. I could only be in one place at once of course, and opted to do red-dot duty in Thurso with Nic McLean. A busy night, well attended and plenty of red dots to distribute. I was extremely hot in my jumper after having rushed out of a cold house without due consideration of the summer's day outside. Both shows are open until 1 August when it’s my turn to do the collections, plus a car boot and another local show on the same day. So it has been decided that Titus will staff the car boot, I’ll do the art stall and Henry will collect any unsold paintings!

Nic and I discuss insect bites during a brief interlude

There we are again, discussing impasto and intaglio this time

After the throng subsided and the wine was all gone.......

Photos courtesy of Ian Pearson

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Nic McLean said...

I cringed when I saw Ian had put this photo on Facebook - You look like you want to kill me and god only knows what I'm being so 'expressive' about! Candid shots don't tend to do me any favours!!