2 Dec 2013

Christmas trees and woolly bows

December has arrived and I have already decorated and undecorated the Christmas tree 3 times – only a little one for my stalls! This weekend I was at Bettyhill munching delicious homemade truffles and sipping mulled wine behind my stall.
No doubt I shall be eating something festive next Saturday at Caithness Horizons Christmas Market. I shall be selling my cards and prints plus a special line of bottled surplus energy from Titus.com. At home the preparations are underway - the cake’s soaking in brandy, I’ve found some 3 year old alcoholic mincemeat in the back of the cupboard and there’s a hunk of venison in the freezer – so what more do we need!

A few weeks ago I shared the progress of a commissioned pet portrait of Princess Neptune the pet sheep. Her loving owner was tearful when she first saw the finished painting and pleased that I had captured “that look”. She presented me with a bundle of Scottish bank notes beautifully tied in a bow of Princess Neptune’s wool. I put it on the table to photograph, clicked the camera and then it was gone – Titus caught a wiff of the wool and stole it! I squealed which caused Titus to run round the room in delight. I cornered him under the table and rescued the hard earnt cash – but the woolly bow was gone in a rapid gulp and lick of the lips!


PatsyColchester said...

Busy girl as always and seeking perfection bless you. I hope Titus's digestion copes with the wool. He sounds a real handful ;) x

Nic McLean said...

What are your plans for Saturday? It starts at 10 am so am guessing we need to be there for 9am ish? Glad Titus didn't eat your hard earned cash too! Princess turned out beautifully.