15 Dec 2013

Beware Cynthia Roberts !

I really enjoyed the Christmas Fairs and it was so nice to meet new people, and hear their compliments about my work. I handed out lots of business cards, most of which have just my website address. You can imagine how horrified I was to discover this week that my pet gremlin has been working on my website and stealing all my messages. Consequently I have removed the Contact Form (and strangled the gremlin) and hope I didn’t miss too many commissions or enquiries. With this in mind I was delighted when someone contacted me via the SAA Gallery interested in buying some of my work. A few weeks went by and I heard nothing more, until this morning. A certain Cynthia Roberts emailed me wanting to know about 3 paintings on my website gallery. I was over the moon when she offered to buy two – and I raised an eyebrow when I found she was going to send “her courier” to collect them and ship them down to Kent. My raised eyebrows dropped to a frown when she instructed me to take twice the value of the paintings so I could pay her courier ! A quick search in Google revealed that this is a known scam, and so Cynthia Roberts has been banished to the Junk folder and blocked for good. Oh well, the delight of the sale was good while it lasted! On a more positive note, there are many genuine and very lovely customers out there -  I recently sold three of my Horny Hamishes as A4 prints to a very grateful customer in Aberdeen, and she even sent me back a picture of them on the wall. How nice is that?


Nic McLean said...

God people will do anything to scam folk! Thanks for letting us know about it! That's admitting that your website has been playing up. How did you realise?
That's good you sold the cow prints though.

angela j simpson said...

Nic, two people asked me if I'd got their message - I hadn't. When I ran a test it didn't send me a message either. It's a common problem with forms apparently - so now it's gone so it can't happen again!