9 Dec 2013

See you later aligator....

..in a while crocodile! Remember that? I used to love Mud (when I was 5 years old) but not any more, especially the mud outside our front door. I brought Titus home after his debut at the grooming parlour in Thurso (where he spent 2 hours wooing the girls whilst they transformed him from a smelly beach bum into "dog about town"). To save his pedicured paws from the offending mud, I lifted him out of the car and over the threshold  - but in doing so I managed to sprain a ligament in my hip and am now dosed up with pain killers and walking with a stick. Oblivious to the trauma caused at his expense, “dog about town” has tried to wrestle me for ownership of my walking stick and become inappropriately amorous with my bad leg! 

Monday's gales and wild waves - I could hardly stand up to take this

The beach bum in Wednesday's bright spell

sheep bums in Friday's snow


Ed Anderson said...

That is a rugged, inhospitable looking coast line!

Titus looks like he is becoming a "salty dog". And while we're at it, what with all the animal backsides?

angela j simpson said...

It was last week - looks very inviting in the summer! Titus has such a nice "art nouveau" pattern going on and the sheep were not feeling very sociable (plus there was the painkillers and whiskey)!