24 Nov 2013

A week in November

We’ve had a busy week and weather of every kind. On Monday I dropped off a painting for Strathpeffer Art Fair- an 80 mile trip across some more fantastic scenery. There was frost on the ground on my way out and on the way back the autumn colours and light was incredible.
On Tuesday Titus experienced his first walk in the snow. 
On Wednesday we had gale force winds, which were so strong my photos are all blurred! Titus 
On Thursday there was a beautiful sunset – but we only had the mobile with us and the photos are too grainy!
On Friday I was stuck indoors whilst the sun shone! It took all day to put together my “stuff” for Saturday’s art show whilst Titus waited patiently (ish) for the exciting walk I promised him. The sun had gone and light was fading by the time we went out. As promised, it was exciting – he ate sand, got muddy and very wet as we walked back from the beach in the rain.
On Saturday I took my artwork to a Christmas Fair in Durness, left Titus at home with Henry and sat down and relaxed……..….. with some freshly baked bread from the stall to my left and some delicious soft goats cheese from the stall opposite, a mince pie (or 2), warm spicey teacakes, some coffee........ and today we shared what was left!

after taking this photo, the mountains disappeared and we drove home in a blizzard

Titus experiences snow - and eats it
Titus feels the wind in his fur and wrestles with a beach Triffid

This photo refuses to upload after an hour of trying - so please imagine
a slightly grainy image of a beautiful sunset taken by Henry on his mobile phone
after eating sand and before getting wet
a snack behind my stall

 no wind, no rain, no snow, no sun - a picnic of local produce for us and
some mud and tasty dead seagull for Titus!


Knit Quit said...

Fantastic Pictures, can't wait for some snow :)

Keith Tilley said...

Love the photo of the croft - very atmospheric. As for Titus, I think he should have a blog of his own!