3 Nov 2013

Ploughing a deep furrow

Last weekend we went to the Scottish National Ploughing Championships. The weather was cold but sunny and ideal for ploughing a nice long furrow. We were just watching of course – Henry &  I enjoy seeing the old fergies and the heavy horses. The nostalgic scene was enhanced by the low winter sun and some weird and wonderful Caithness clouds. We left as the sun went down with four rosy cheeks, two pairs of muddy boots, a tired dog and a camera full of photos. This weekend, in contrast, has been wild, wet and windy and we have stomped around indoors in our padded onesies! Even Titus wasn’t too keen on going outside. After painting sheep all week (for a change) I see them when I close my eyes at night! I tried to count them as the wind howled round the croft house, but to no avail – so I shall be taking ear plugs up the hill to the land of nod tonight.

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PatsyColchester said...

I always think of you on Sunday evening when the sheep are on Countryfile.. black ones this week. Couldnt count those at night. ;) x