26 Oct 2013

Dust & Fluff

I didn’t do too badly with my over-ambitious list of things to do last week – the house is full of blind, but mended furry animals and there is a half-done sheep on my easel. I had kept all my drawing materials out of harm’s way with the arrival of Titus – since the tiny house we rent necessitates the sharing of one’s makeshift studio with a bouncy dog. By the time I had set everything out again, and reintroduced myself (and Titus) to the hoover, half the day was gone. It’s surprising how much concentration is required to do a commission – much more than any other painting because I am so keen to make sure I achieve the likeness my clients expect. My little helper didn’t appreciate this, so not much was achieved on day one. Today, day two, was much more successful, thanks to Henry’s assistance with both domestic and dog duties! I remember trying to work when Ned was a pup – he secretly stole a yellow pastel stick from my box. This would have remained undiscovered had he not then knicked a pair of black tights from the washing line and covered them in tell-tale yellow saliva! I consciously arranged my pastel box higher off the ground than usual, but subconsciously I approached my painting process of Princess Neptune a little differently as well. I feel more aware of colour temperature and didn’t start with the nose. I don’t know what her nozzle did to put me off, but I think perhaps my choice of colour has been influenced by my pochade practice.

My little helper - waiting for me to open that interesting box!


PatsyColchester said...

Titus brings a smile to my face and glad to see mention of Henry after all this time. Thanks for sharing detail of work.. very interesting. x

Nic McLean said...

Glad you got some work done. It looks fantastic so far. I don't know how you make pastels look so precise and not messy!

Anonymous said...

I've just found your 'Diary Without Words' page!
I'm amazed at what you manage to achieve with a quick flirt of the brush. The pictures are fab.
Do I spot a touch of Keffyn Williams creeping in occasionally?
Love Hatty x