24 Sep 2012

Winter's arrived

Summer’s over then! It was so dark this morning we over slept, the fire is lit and porridge season has begun. It seems only a few days ago that we were enjoying a brief Indian summer, but now the wildlife is getting more enjoyment out of our weed-free garden than we are. The resident squirrel has been digging up the lawn burying our nuts for the winter, the kingfisher has been visiting the pond in search of a gold-fish supper and the blackbirds, having devoured the soft fruit, have moved onto the apples – just one peck of each, enough to make an unsightly hole and knock it on to the floor to bruise! Talking of birds, I've now got a Twitter account it's amazing how many computer literate dogs have too!  The awful weather means that whilst Pru supervises purposeful tweeting, Gerty Gardener gets a well deserved break, Flo can paint all day and Dolly can start to think about the Christmas cakes and what to do with a freezer full of last year’s damsons.


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