30 Sep 2012

Sketching Pelicans

I’ve signed up for the Sketchbook Project – an American based idea which creates an annual library of artist’s sketchbooks from around the world and takes them on  both a real and virtual tour. My sketchbook will be digitised and available for you to see. I have until early January to complete it, so if I plan on an entry every other day I should get all 30 pages full in time for posting on to Brooklyn after Christmas. I shall start tomorrow – not sure whether to follow a theme or do a series of cartoons like my other visual diaries. I’ve finished the book cover I was working on, but you will have to sign up for my newsletter to see the end product before the children’s book is published ! Here’s a line from the story and a few preparatory sketches.

  “Right Daisy, climb aboard, onto my back, hold tight, put on your jersey and anorak” You can now see all the entries for the MS Trust Secret Art Show – the online auction starts on 5 October. Can you spot mine?

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