9 Sep 2012

Elastic Cats

“Do you do cats?” I was asked recently, “ yes I do” I replied enthusiastically, but thinking about it, not so often as dogs. I have recently been commissioned to illustrate a children’s book about a cat – how exciting! We have two cats who, I’ve realised, feature very infrequently in my diary and sketch books. Probably because they are usually found curled up asleep, somewhere warm and away from the day’s activity, and partly because their presence was overshadowed by that of our more exuberant dog ! They have appeared on our Christmas cards, looking very elastic and lacking in skeletal form (see my first blog post). So, perhaps a few cat studies required before I make a start. Strangely enough, a copy of our regional magazine, Yatter Yatter, arrived yesterday and they have chosen a cat from my website to feature against a little story and advert I have in the September issue.                  

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