16 Sep 2012

Floatie Flo

You have met Dolly Domestic and Gerty Gardener, but perhaps not so familiar with Flo – seen floating about in the background, slightly overshadowed by Dolly & Gerty. Flo has realised this herself and recruited the forgotten skills Prunella Project to redress the balance! Prunella is so annoyingly efficient and productive that she hasn’t allocated time in her busy schedule for doing many new cartoons of herself, focusing on commissions only.
Floatie Flo is very tired after a week of Prunella’s new regime, but she must admit that productivity has increased, with 4 different commissions on the go, in different mediums and at various stages. Prunella is also working on Dolly & Gerty to ensure that next year we are not eating Christmas pudding at Easter and breaking our back weeding the garden on an erratic schedule. Her objective is to turn Flo into “Floatie (but focused) Flo” with the right skills to get the most out of complex staff like Dolly & Gerty. For the time being, Flo is quaking in her DMs at the thought of Pru’s deadlines and a little nervous about what she has on her action plan. When Pru allows, Flo will do self portraits of the 4 faces of Flo. In the meantime -  here’s Penny
 the Staffy , work in progress. You can click on images to enlarge them


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