14 Jan 2014

Sheep Sleep

I think this year is going to be one of the fastest on record – I feel like I’ve been asleep and missed a few weeks! I’m sure I had a cute puppy not so long ago – but I’ve woken to find he’s been swapped for a 30 kg donkey. He has eaten all his toys, grown out of his bed and adopted the sofa (which he fills quite easily) as his own. He casually steps over the barrier that prevented him from bounding upstairs and can very easily rest his head on the table. Having just woken up suddenly in January 2014, I desperately tried to exercise the left side of my brain, get organised and uncover some grey matter. Just as I got going, I was irreversibly distracted by much excitement about a sheep! The lovely Princess Neptune became a tabloid star and her personal portrait artist got a mention in the national press. Needless to say, the hunt for the grey matter was abandoned in a flash and I returned to the world of cuddly sheep and fell back to sleep.

"I'll sit on the floor then shall I?"


bearded one said...

Just you wait until he is fully grown and taking you for a walk!!

Nic McLean said...

My god he's huge already!! Has he got much more growing to do?

Anne said...

I love your work and really enjoy the photos you post of your area and of course the animals.