28 Jan 2014

Henry's House

I was saddened to hear about the death of Kathryn Findlay last week, a renowned Scottish architect who I once had the pleasure of meeting. I dug out my well-thumbed book about organic architecture which features a number of the fabulous houses by Ushida Findlay, such as the Soft & Hairy house. Back in 2000, in my capacity as Landscape Architect, I was asked to comment on the high profile planning application for Grafton Hall in Cheshire. I remember being a bit tongue-tied, in awe of the design, the architect and the whole situation – how wonderful it must be to have the freedom to design such fabulous forms. The building was designed to be part of the landscape and the visual impact so minimal that the sort of comments I would usually make were irrelevant – what could I possibly say? The development was approved, but I believe a traditional manor house has been built instead. I didn’t know then that I’d be involved in building my own house one day – the budget hasn’t allowed for such an ambitious design but the process is an exciting one. In fact it has all started to happen this week – busy, busy, busy and not much painting!

New Grafton Hall - from www.ushida-findlay.com

Soft & Hairy House - from www.ushida-findlay.com

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