19 Jan 2014

Free Art Lesson

You’ll be pleased to know that I have woken up at last, so this week has been all about catching up. My diary is now open in January 2014 (instead of November 2013), my list of “things to do” has been redrafted and I have managed to do some of those chores I normally  “put off”. I now have a clean and tidy house, the accounts are up to date and even my “for mending” pile has disappeared (any toys requiring further facial surgery have been cremated). The ironing pile has vanished too – but I think that is because things have been worn and moved to the washing pile! Titus was very upset by the roaring monster who followed me round the house (hoover) and is still somewhat disturbed by my threat to reduce his budget. Within an hour of admiring my clean and fresh smelling bathroom, I had to mess it up again. Titus (who else) thanked me for such a lovely run on the beach by rolling in something very unsavoury and required a thorough shampoo. So domestic and Titus duties under control I shall return to some painting. If you fancy some painting tuition – look out for the voucher in The Telegraph on 25 January. I am one of 150 artists across the UK offering a free lesson in association with the SAA.

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