30 Jun 2013

A regular date with Jullian

It’s 2 year’s since I was paid (a salary that is) and on my first day of freedom, I started a diary of little cartoons which I kept going for a year. I intended to start another dairy of some sort, but a year has flown by and Diary Phase 2 didn’t happen. So, instead of a diary I'm doing a daily oil sketch using my dinky Jullian pochade en plein air. That is a bit of a challenge by the way – every day, all weathers, outside? (All weathers might be pushing it a bit – perhaps I might resort to indoor subjects if I can’t find shelter from the rain). Consider it a proverbial red DM up the derriere and an opportunity to get to grips with oils, painting from life and colour. I’ll show you all my paintings (including the disasters) so please offer some advice or encouragement as I battle with my crazy challenge! (it’s too late to say “don’t give up the day job love ”). These are my “disasters” from this week as I experiment with different paints, and make sure I’m committed to such a loopy idea. I can only get better with these 6 x 8’s, and early signs suggest that it may even become addictive (or maybe it’s the vapours getting to me already). I struggled to maintain daily ACEO production, eventually finding the tiny format difficult to achieve both composition and detail, but I keep experimenting from time to time.

ps. MS Secret Art Show - live from 1st July.

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Nic McLean said...

Aw your little lambs ACEO is gorgeous - such detail on such a small size - I'm impressed! That is quite a challenge and I imagine the en plein air may give way to en le petit croft more often than not if recent weather is anything to go by!Still, you are very dedicated and doing so much to stretch yourself - big ups from your Reay homies! ;0)