24 Jun 2013

Sketching and biting

Bit of a busy week – went to the Royal Highland Show and enjoyed some fabulous weather. I wore my walking boots and lugged a rucksack of waterproofs around having taken notice of the weather forecast (silly me). So I invested in a lightweight pocket-sized raincoat and a sun hat for next time! I’m visiting a few Highland shows this year with a view to having a stand at one next year. After two nights sleeping in the van I was delighted to get back to my comfy bed and magical blackout curtains! But the next day I was up early to go out sketching with a group of local artists. The Scottish Highlands are notorious for the tiny biting midge, which love a still day and a damp environment, but here on the coast there is normally a breeze to keep them at bay. It was lovely and sunny (contrary to the forecast) so we spent the day outside, in a damp, sheltered forest, along with a few million midges (silly me). My sketching bag is now bulging, but well equipped with the aforementioned mini waterproof, suntan lotion (to avoid the red nose syndrome of a few weeks ago) and a bottle of Skin-so-Soft from Avon (an effective midge deterrent!).

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