6 Apr 2013

A pet portrait in ink

The ACEO production is going well, and the restaurant sign is finished at last. To make sure I don’t pile on the pressure I need to build up a small body of work in miniatures before I start my mailshots so they will be starting in May – plenty of time to subscribe! I’ve had a little dabble with ink for my latest commission. The client wanted a hand painted birthday card of a black labrador – unusually, any old black lab would do! I used water colour paper and Indian ink to create an image of a handsome doting Labrador. To give the painting some colour I applied a light wash of turquoise watercolour, allowing a few sploshes on the dog’s face where the fur reflected the light. I then applied layers of ink at varying dilutions to build up the form of the glossy black beast. A hint of pink for the lolloping tongue finished him off and a little dab of white gouache to put a sparkle back in his eye. Voila


PatsyColchester said...

awww - he looks fabulous - certainly not any old lab ;) .. very impressed with description and result. x

Nic McLean said...

am very tardy getting here! this is stunning. i love how you created his shiny black coat and am sure the recipient will love it! thanks for that link you sent me earlier-very appropriate!