14 Apr 2013

A walk on the beach

I’ve completed another black beast this week, but as it is a surprise commission I can’t unveil him just yet. In fact, I’ve been so busy on my commissions that I’ve neglected my sketchbook and almost missed the 5 weeks of dry weather we’ve been having. So yesterday, before the April showers arrive I thought it was about time to get outside in the sunshine! The catkins are out, the gorse is bursting into fragrant buds of Indian yellow and the skylarks are already singing. I was so in awe of the landscape, happy snapping away with my camera, that I couldn’t settle to paint (despite having lugged my kit a few miles out to the dunes), but I did sit down to do a few little thumbnails. It was a very peaceful walk - I surprised some curlews and startled a couple of deer, but didn’t see another human being. Here are some of my photos and a short video clip of the bubbling stream, just before it turns the corner to feed into the roaring sea (warning - this film is a diuretic, more sound than action!).


PatsyColchester said...

No sound but that may be due to our slow internet!
Reads magical though and beautiful pics - cant wait to visit. ;)

Ed Anderson said...

I didn't know what you meant by diuretic until I watched the video clip. Now I have to leave for a bit!

Beautiful seascapes by the way!

Nic McLean said...

it looks stunningly wild and remote there-much like most of this beautiful coastline, in fact! what's that beach called by you?

PatsyColchester said...

better late than never - have finally managed to update adobe flashplayer!!

Beautiful clip. xx