31 Mar 2013

Mini Easter

We’ve just sat outside in the sun and cracked open a few oysters fresh from the loch, delivered to the door by a friendly neighbour. In the absence of an oyster knife we made a makeshift anvil with a rock and cutlery knife and they were delicious.
I’ve managed to get quite a bit done this week and a great deal of variety too. I’d actually rather be outside walking a doggy as it’s been so warm and sunny, but I’ve had work to do! The restaurant sign I designed at Christmas is now being transferred onto a prepared sign (expertly done by Henry) and is taking about 10 times longer than I thought it would. I’ve completed a commissioned personalised card and made an Easter card for my family. Easter took me by surprise this year – I even forgot to make a Simnel cake (sorry Henry). But I am now all set for Easter 2014 – so a year ahead of myself and very organised really! I’ve painted these are little ACEOs this week (artists trading cards, 2.5 x 3.5 inches), which I hope to sell in my shop as originals next year and transfer the designs onto a set of 5 Easter cards. In fact I have agreed with myself that I’ll do one per day and fit in some 6 x 8 inches as well. A selection of my daily miniatures will be emailed out once per week to those on my mailing list with an exclusive promotion code to acquire them at a special discounted rate – so do sign up  if you haven’t already! The first one took me nearly 2 hours but I can now get one finished in about an hour, plus a little bit of fiddling and finishing. Original ACEOs appeal to collectors or anyone looking for a dinky picture to frame. Some go for as much as £125, but mine will be a bargain in comparison!


PatsyColchester said...

Goodness, you have been busy girl - loved the card thank you - another to add to my treasures. x

Nic McLean said...

oh my word, these are gorgeous! i love the colours you've used and the animal subjects are adorable! we've been so lucky with the weather this week, haven't we. seems that normal service has been resumed today mind you!
we were out your way (i'm guessing) yesterday. we drove out to Durness stopping off at gorgeous spot en route. is it Skerray you live? we couldn't have just dropped in as we had the in-laws in tow!

angela j simpson said...

thankyou! Those are my new gouache colours. It is a fabulous drive to Durness & I can guess where you stopped.